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Nassau County Personal Injury Lawyer

Mark S. Ricciardi, Esq., PC-Personal Injury Attorney with over 30 years experience providing individual personalized service to all clients.

Personal Injury

Accidents Happen and when they do, you require an experienced Personal Injury Attorney to guide you through the complex winding road that lies ahead. Often, as a result of the accident, your life is disrupted, sometimes you cannot go to work either temporarily or permanently or everyday tasks become difficult to accomplish. How will you pay your bills? Will you be properly compensated for your injuries. Will your lost wages from work be recovered? With over 30 years experience in handling Personal Injury cases in New York, I can answer all of these questions for you and guide you through this often stressful experience. Representing clients for personal Injuries is personal to me because I sustained a life changing injury as a child as a result of someone else’s negligence. So I know what it’s like to be injured… permanently… and I understand what it feels like. As a result, I provide personalized representation to all of my clients, and you will not be pushed off to a secretary or paralegal to answer important legal issues. I have handled thousands of personal injury cases successfully over the past 30 years in the New York area… I have the experience and knowledge to handle yours.

Auto Accidents

Thousands of car accidents occur every day…most of the time, it involves someone else, but if it involves you, it becomes personal and there are various matters that must be attended to right away in order to protect your legal rights. Whether it’s a car, motorcycle or truck accident, we know exactly what must be done immediately and will advise you accordingly. Evidence needs to be preserved, photos and witness statements taken, no fault forms filed, and claims filed with the respective insurance carriers… .we will do all of that for you. In New York State, you must sustain a “Serious Injury” under the Insurance Law in order to recover for your injuries… we will explain how the Courts have interpreted that law and whether your injuries qualify as a “serious injury”. Contacting us immediately will assist in preserving your rights and maximizing your recovery.

Slip / Trip & Falls

We’ve all experienced a trip or slip and fall in our lives… hopefully, most of the time, it does not result in an injury, but if it does, and occurs on another’s premises, you must know what your rights are. Did your accident occur on a street, sidewalk, walkway, public highway, etc? There are different laws that pertain to accidents that occur on private vs. public property. Notices of Claim are often required to be filed within a specified time where an accident occurs on property owned by a City, Town or other municipality. We will advise you on all of the laws that pertain to your specific accident, explain to you what, if any, insurance applies, and do what’s necessary to ensure a positive result for you.

Construction Accidents

Everywhere we go, we see active construction sites… whether in New York City or the suburbs. With all of the heavy equipment, machinery, tools being used by the workers, they can become dangerous places where accidents do occur…sometimes, quite serious. Special rules and laws apply to many of these cases. Often, various provisions of the New York State Labor Law will apply… especially in cases involving scaffolding. We are experienced at handling these types of cases and will do everything in our power to guide you accordingly and ensure the maximum recovery for your injuries.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately and sadly, sometimes the injuries sustained in the types of accidents mentioned above accidents can lead to death. In that case, many different rules apply on what can be recovered by the family and there is a shorter Statute of Limitations applicable… the time within to commence such an action. Additionally, representatives of the Estate must be properly appointed in order to have the capacity to sue. We are here to advise you accordingly will fight to ensure that you recover for your loved one’s injuries and unfortunate death.

Additional Areas of Practice

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Are you purchasing or selling a home or commercial building? I have been representing purchasers and sellers of private residences and commercial buildings for over 30years. Many issues can arise during the course of such transactions, such as Title objections, mortgages, liens, etc .From Contract to Closing we can address all of these concerns and ensure that your transaction occurs as smoothly as possible.

Business Transactions

In the event that you are going to purchase or sell a business, you require qualified legal representation. Over the years, I have represented purchasers and sellers of many small businesses such as restaurants, service stations, laundromats, delis, juice bars, auto body shops, portable restroom suppliers, etc.

Criminal / Traffic Matters

Throughout my over 30 years in practice, I have represented countless clients on criminal and traffic matters primarily in Queens, Nassau or Suffolk Counties. With respect to criminal matters, we handle all Misdemeanor and Felony charges such as DWI’s from arraignment to their conclusion. I also handle all Traffic violations such as speeding, failure to obey a stop sign, unsafe lane change, etc. I charge very reasonable flat rates for these offenses and often these types of cases can be handled in one or two appearances by the attorney alone, or even virtually, provided that our clients execute the proper authorization to do so.

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Meet Mark S. Ricciardi

Attorney Mark S. Ricciardi has been trusted by thousands of satisfied clients over the past 30 years to represent them in Personal Injury Cases, Real Estate and Business Transactions, Criminal and Traffic Court matters.
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Mark has been my attorney for more than 25 yrs on numerous matters including personal injury and Real Estate. He always...


Mark was attentive, professional and answered all my calls as well as questions. I would recommend him wholeheartedly. If you...

Cathy D.

Mark handled my first home purchase, which is a very exciting but scary time. I am so grateful to Mark for his...

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